Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Do you know,Ahmadinejad,Iran's leader;declares his god,Allah has told him to bring about the end time war(which Iraq already is the end time war , leading to Armageddon)so as to hasten the coming of their messiah(Christ is the ONLY Messiah) so he will destroy Israel & Christians (all infidels) and will save them? He also says, their messiah should come in late March. Do any of you even begin to realize just how serious this is?
God is saying to take it seriously. Israel will be cornered & retaliate,soon.
****************************************************USA already has terrorists in our nation, everywhere; I want to say the numbers are in the millions. In Words I received from God in the mid 90's; they were planning their dirty deeds back then. God said, they will put canisters everywhere throughout the USA , undetected by us.He said(Nuclear & germs) He said, they will go off simultaniously everywhere, and we will not be able to keep up with the catastrophies, and many will die from the Fright.
**************world hates prophets & God's Word**********************************
God is saying, the world(sinners) hate the prophets and God & His Word. God wants me to point out to you all,; the True Prophet of God does not present a feel good message........The True Prophet speaks God's Truths, God's warnings,exhortations etc. God says, the false prophet speaks Peace where there is No Peace .; and are found in the churches.The people in the churches want only messages that will make them feel good,God does lift up His people w/ good uplifting words, but God will also correct & exhort, and warn.
********************the world treats you badly,God always helps you**************
****************************************************************************What God wants me to tell you right here , as He spoke that word also this morning. Never call names or argue when attacked by the devil, you know how God said, resist the devil & he will flee?Never try to return evil for evil. God said, Once you begin to argue ABOUT anything from the devil, you in your heart are indeed saying, "God, I don't need you right now, I can do this myself" So, God steps aside & allows you to do the battle which gets you (nothing)...BUT, God is saying;"if you let go & look into my eyes, giving it to Me, I will fight the battle for you." See, the battle belongs to the Lord, and He will reward you openly Hallaluyah!!!!

a Letter from hell - dare to share version
***********************God wants that His people are warned of these last days.Do not be caught in that last hour without Christ as your Savior.*******and eating a wafer is not receiving Christ......Christ is a relationship, He comes in & dwells in us col.1:27 & Rev.3:20.....
.being born again has nothing whatsoever to do with baptism.Confession is acknowledment of our sins to God directly with a sorrowful heart as He only hears our hearts...1John1:9,10...and fully repent away from all sins unto Christ Luke13:3, if you do not, your soul will perish in hell & the Lake of fire Mark9:45,46 & Rev.20:10-14 God wants that you know..when Christ laid down His life for you & shed His Blood for you on the cross, not only did that prepare the way for your salvation & forgiveness & thru Him everlasting life.....BUT by His death & resurrection were we reconciled back unto the Father.... so we pray directly to the Father in the Mighty Name of Jesus.******* *****************************************No human being can obtain forgiveness for your sins ,no human can ever cleanse your soul from sins , only the power of the shed Blood of Christ /not water, if you believe that... you indeed reject Christ & His shed Blood.and His salvation & everlasting life..... **********************************************************
********************THE WEATHER IS GOD'S FURY.************* Even the lack of rain, lack of cold, or too much rain & or snow.Crops dying off,Even the hole in the Ozone is of God....He will scorch those on the earth , who will not believe & repent , of course this is Armageddon. **************All nations are equipped w, nuclear weapons,************* do not be deceived. *******The worst feared thing is coming to pass, where terrorists have in their possession nuclear weapons.AND the nations are lining up for Armageddon.
********************************Salvation*******************************************Today is the day of your salvation tomorrow may be too late, God could require your soul this very night, Rev.20:12 there are no 2nd chances after your earth body will die, your works(only 2 kinds of works=good ofGod or evil of the devil) will follow you & you will be judged by them Rev.20:10-14..............Luke13:3 if you do not repent (away from your sins to Christ)you(your soul will perish)in hell & the lake Rev.20:10-14 of fire....**********God is so grieved how false religions teach the Lake of fire (total destruction)is where their soul goes to be purified********....a false teaching from hell.............
.***********Word*****God is saying, He has done so much for you, Forgiven you,healed you,delivered you,supplied you with all of your needs, and how you do not ever give Him thought , how many of you never ever give Him thanks, or show Him your love at all.So many of you today are saying, Oh God said that to Israel, God is not saying that today to us...and that God is Love and He will Not do anything to us...God wants you to know ,He is God & God alone, that there is no other God besides Him,and that********* His Word stands forever , in fact it is the Book of Life*********....and you will be judged out of all those things in the Book of life, it is the Books talked of in Rev. which you will be judged out of."The Holy Bible".***********"The Word of God "Heb.4:12 For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.and 2tim3:16 & Gal.1:6,7 God wants that you are reminded & warned **************************Deut.4:2 Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you.*****************Prov.30:6 Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a mighty & cautiously careful*********** Rev.22:18 For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:*******************2peter1:20 Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.God spoke exactly what He meant, if people cannot understand God's Word ;it is because they are perishing.Just as Scripture says. ........
*********Word****************and to all of you who love God walking in obedience to God...He wants that you draw nigh to Him thanking Him for all things He has given to you & done for you...God is saying in noway, will He be in the back seat or on the back burner anymore by His own Children, ( you more or less take God for granted........God is saying...all things belong to Him alone, and all the money in this world belongs to Him & He will Give it to whomever He so chooses and whenever He so chooses. God is saying, to many of you have I given much wealth,great houses ,cars etc. filled your food cabinets with much food, healed you ,prolonged your life...brought your missing family member back ,and you forget about Me? says the Lord....No more says the Lord...He is saying...Remember Me in all things Just praise His Holy Name!!!!
***************Word***********what God is saying today, is there will be a fammine in the land(but He is saying, Not for Food, although there will be food fammine, but God is saying, they will HUNGER after the truth of My Word,Yes ,says the Lord,there shall be a Great fammine in the Land for My Word, not for bread or water, but for My Word says the Lord.They will run to & for everywhere seeking after My Word,and it will not be found anywhere; and My Word will Not be allowed, as it will be called a Hate Crime, Now is the Time to reach the Lost with Great boldness, plucking them out of the fire , even though you are afraid to touch their filthy garments.........This is the time I told you about,,they too , will no longer receive the truth of My Word.THIS IS right now being fulfilled 7/23/09 and it is only the beginning says the Lord, that we have not seen anything,yet........Many false beliefs..........false religions.......the Time is coming Very soon, My Word will no longer be allowed to be spoken, No mention of My Holy Name.......hang onto what you have , keeping your eyes onto Me says the Lord.........I have told you before. soon, the preaching of My Word will not be allowed, many will go to jail for My Word & My Name.I have warned you of this says the Lord, and that the day will come that they no longer will receive the Sound Doctrine of My Word,that day is upon you now,says the Lord;all the wickedness in the land,they do not know right from wrong, without the truth of My Word, they are al lost, they are as dead man's bones, they are in graves.saying I never said, what I told you as my Ordinances,commandments,judgments and statutes to follow forever & ever;belieivng I only spoke them to Israel;many false teachers,false prophets,false apostles everywhere throughout the land leading Billions away from Me & My Word, in such is great lawlessness as never before I am grieved says the Lord & My HAND is against them says the Lord;7/23/09 already being fulfilled Even this day right now, they run to churches everywhere seeking the truth of My Word & they cannot find it,and all those servants of mine afraid to teach the truth now, while they still can, and do not; will be harshly judged by Me says the Lord,into everlasting destruction from Me for causing One Soul to be lost in hell, not knowing what sin is, not knowing Right from Wrong.So, they cause many souls to go astray seeking after the truth of My Word,which can save their souls from hell and you do not show them, and they die in their sins & go to hell, their life will be on your hand, you had the chance to tell them what is not of Me and did not, Thus saith the Lord..This is the fammine for My Word already in the land & it will grow worse as the days go by,lost souls are what teachers/pastors,apostles & prophets will be held accountable for unto Me says the Lord...........Joan (Lady4emmanuel)
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